Tuesday, May 8, 2012

It doesn't have to be all whistles and bells. The IWB in in 140 words,

I love my interactive whiteboard but I don't believe in whistles and bells.  You don't have to make words spin and pictures dance to use the board effectively. I just use my IWB like I did my old board but I take advantage of the benefits; clear pictures and words, save-ability revisit-ability multiple screens, everything in one place etc. I love not having to rub out something because there is no room. I love being able to easily do something again.
I know they have their limitations, for example they make the class more frontal and possible less interactive. I know only one or two students can use it at one time.
In a perfect world I’d love both an IWB and a whiteboard in my class but this is reality and I’m glad I have my IWB.

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